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June’s Box: Caleb Has Something to Say (Cerebral Palsy)

June’s Box: Caleb Has Something to Say (Cerebral Palsy)

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This story is about a little boy who does not use words to speak, but he has plenty to say. He shares the different and subtle ways he communicates his feelings with mostly body language and facial expressions. His friends and family have learned to watch and pay close attention to understand what he wants to say to them. This book is intended to promote inclusivity and provide representation for children who have special needs. It is also for the friends and loved ones of those children, to offer insight and understanding.

Inside the box you will find:

A signed copy of “Caleb Has Something to Say” (retail value $7.99)

“Caleb Has Something to Say” book cover coloring sheet & sticker

A “Proud Mom of a Cerebral Palsy Hero” T-shirt (retail value $19.99) *OPTIONAL Replacement Shirt of your choice for customers who do not have  a child with cerebral palsy 

Yoya Toys Stretch Balls (retail value $21.99)

  • This set makes a fantastic gift idea for all kids out there but also can be used for therapeutic purposes as well. Use it as a fidget toy, anxiety and stress reliever toy, great for people with special needs and disorders (ADD, ADHD, OCD), for autism and many other cases.
  • STIMULATE FINE MOTOR SKILLS WITH THESE BALLS: Our anti-stress balls can help you and your kids develop fine motor skills, become more creative and improve problem solving situations. You can take them along everywhere you go, either in the work office, after sports games, while sitting in class or going for a walk in the park. Keep an extra one in your backpack, stroller and glove compartment just in case you need instant calming!

EazyHold Easy Grip Baby Sippy Cup Handle (retail value $12.00) 

  • UNIVERSAL CUFF - Fits small hands on larger items, may require assistance to put on. Works with most bottles and cups such as Sippy Cup, Toy, Tennis Racket, Blow Dryer Hair Fan, Phone, Post Hole Digger or Concrete Trowel.
  • EXTRA SENSORY FIT - Made of soft stretchy silicone that securely grips against the skin or limb to support the object so you can feel its weight, vibration, temperature, and texture.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - Green Sippy EazyHold is made with highly durable and flexible silicone, latex-free, a food-grade non-BPA material which is 100% skin-friendly!
  • MANY SIZES - Green Sippy EazyHold is one of our larger sizes. EazyHold comes in 8 different sizes to fit infants, toddlers, teens, children and seniors hands or limbs.

EazyHold Green Silicone Grip Easy Hold Device 2-Pack (retail value $14.99)

Fits infants six months up to 3-years-old on hands or limbs. (For Adults it fits just fingers) Perfect child size to hold a tiny spoon or fork. You can place it right into the dishwasher basket still secured on the eating utensil, or wash with soap and water.

For self-soothing help your Infant to hold a teether or rattle. In the classroom, adjust the silicone strap to hold a crayon, pencil, stylus, or paintbrush. For independence at playtime, the little yellow universal cuff will hold a small toy like an action figure, a doll, a light stick or music shaker.

Green Ribbon Awareness Bracelet 

Miniature Play-Doh 

Customized “C” (for Caleb) cape 

A choice of: 

Little Chubby One Sensory Weighted Lap Band (retail value $42.99)

- or -

Hand2mind Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad (retail value $21.34)

Reduce Anxiety, Improve Tactile Development, and Encourage Sensory Exploration

Get students’ hands and minds working together with a fun and engaging product that promotes hands-on learning. Our Colors & Shapes Sensory Pad encourages children to learn how to self-soothe when dealing with anxiety.

All items are choking hazards and only intended for use by ages 3+

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