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October Box: Downright Perfect (Down Syndrome)

October Box: Downright Perfect (Down Syndrome)

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Our October subscription box has officially arrived! Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness with T.A.S.K.! The book of the month “UGO and SIM SIM” by Tonye Faloughi-Ekezie spotlights the importance of inclusion and acceptance. 

Inside the box you will find:

a signed copy of "UGO and SIM SIM" (retail value $15.00)

a choice of "BE EXTRA" or "DOWN RIGHT PERFECT" t-shirt (retail value $19.99)

”Kind People Are My Kind of People” Tumbler (retail value $25.00)

“Slimygloop Slimy Sand” (retail value $6.99)

As soon as you reach in and grab your vanilla and watermelon scented SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND from the reusable containers, you’ll feel the difference — it molds like sand and stretches like SLIMYGLOOP ! Pack it into your favorite shape, twist the colors together, or crush your creations and watch them expand! Scented SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND doesn’t just make for a less-mess sensory experience — it allows for hours and hours of open-ended play!

”Down right Perfect” Teddy Bear (retail value $25.00)

Washable Project Paint (retail value $5.89)

Tiny Superheroes “Down Syndrome” patch 

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