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August Box: James C.A.N. Make New Friends (Autism)

August Box: James C.A.N. Make New Friends (Autism)

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Our August subscription box has officially arrived! In Celebration of World Friendship Day (July 31st) our book of the month is James C.A.N. Make New Friends by Tori Kendrick.

James is a 7 year old boy with many talents who enjoys playing on the playground with his favorite dinosaur, Hercules. James’ parents are taking him to the playground today but he’s nervous about being around the other kids. James has autism which can make making new friends more challenging for him. With the support of his parents will James be able to work through his fear so that he doesn’t miss out on all the fun and maybe even make a new friend, or two? Orders your now at The T..A.S.K. Shop!

Inside the box you will find:

A copy of “James C.A.N. Make New Friends” (retail value $9.99)

A “James C.A.N. Make New Friends” ‘You Can Do It’ T-shirt (retail value $19.99) [comes in black or orange]

Let’s Talk! Cubes (retail value $14.99)

Social and emotional learning in action! Get kids talking, sharing, and learning with the Let's Talk! Cubes from Learning Resources. This set of 6 colorful conversation cubes features engaging prompts targeting topics related to social-emotional learning (SEL).

Hand2Mind “Learn About Feelings” Activity Set (retail value $23.99) 

Learning to manage feelings, respond positively to a stressful situation, and get along with others is a vital part of childhood development. Therapy toys help teach kids to identify different emotions and feelings. Once they are aware of their feelings, they are also aware of the feelings of others and interact with their peers with empathy and respect.

  • Features & details

    • MINDFULNESS FOR KIDS GAMES: Learning to manage feelings and get along with others is a vital part of childhood development.
    • CALMING CORNER CLASSROOM: Therapy toys help teach kids to identify different emotions and feelings. Once they are aware of their feelings, they are also aware of the feelings of others and interact with their peers with empathy and respect.
    • AUTISM CLASSROOM ESSENTIALS: Our Learn About Feelings Set is an essential part of your autism learning materials and special education classroom supplies. It would also make a great addition to your ABA therapy materials.
    • ANGER MANAGEMENT TOYS: Children will build important social emotional skills like social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision making, anger management for kids, and self management. Kids with strong social emotional skills are aware of their feelings and act on them in a socially appropriate way.
    • SOCIAL SKILLS ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: This social skills game set includes 2 plastic question cubes, 4 plastic character cubes, 12 character cards, 18 ABA flashcards, and 1 feelings poster. Identify feelings with the situation and character cards, explore empathy and self awareness with the 2 question cubes, and character cubes allow kids to match facial expressions to body language.

Letz Talk Conversation Cards 

Letz Talk Conversation Cards for Kids with Autism or Aspergers - Learning & Education Yoys, Communication Flash Cards, Family Card Games for Kids and Adults - 60 Cards

  • CONVERSATION STARTERS: The Letz Talk card game contains 60 age-appropriate and thought provoking questions to get children to open up. Instead of asking "How was school today?" use these cards to learn what is really on their minds.
  • AUTISM LEARNING MATERIALS: Nowadays, most children will struggle with their confidence and self-esteem; kids with Autism or Aspergers are no different. These educational games allow kids to express their innermost thoughts and truly be heard by the adults in their lives.
  • BUILD CONFIDENCE & SOCIAL EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: These communication cards allow your children to share their thoughts, feelings, and dreams. When kids and teens are comfortable to communicate with adults, they feel inspired and confident. The ice breaker questions can teach autistic children how to initiate and maintain conversations and other social skills.
  • OPEN ENDED GAMES: Most of the other conversation cards for kids are questions that can be answered with a yes or not. Not our cards! They allow children to form and voice opinions and talk about what is really on their mind. Some examples include: What is the hardest thing you had to do and why was it hard? Do you think it is a good idea to treat others the way you want to be treated and why? or What makes you a great person?
  • GREAT FOR SCHOOL AND HOME: Letz Talk Cards ask compelling questions that focus on social and emotional learning. Teachers can use Letz Talk cards as a writing prompt for student journals or essay assignments. They are also useful icebreaker tools for therapists and counselors in therapy sessions.

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers (a retail value of $22.99)

Engage your students in a fun and competitive way with the Learning Resources Answer Buzzers. This set of four allows you to create a game show environment in your home or classroom, inspiring learning at all ages. Designed for the classroom, these buzzers are extremely durable and will withstand years of use.

  • Features & details

    • BUZZ WHEN YOU HAVE THE ANSWER: Response buzzers let students easily buzz when they have an answer
    • WAYS TO MAKE LEARNING FUN: Actively engage students with "game-show" style buzzers
    • GREAT FOR CLASSROOM JEOPARDY OR FAMILY FEUD: A perfect tool for quieter students - buzzers are loud enough to get the attention of the class. Use as Jeopardy buzzers or buzzers for Family Feud.
    • MAKE DIFFERENT SOUNDS: Four distinctly different, attention-getting sounds enable teachers to clearly identify who buzzed in first
    • GAMES FOR CLASS & HOME LEARNING: Ideal for ages 3+. Buzzers require three AAA batteries (sold separately)
    • A Brighter Back to School: Make this the smartest back-to-school yet with toys and tools from Learning Resource trusted by teachers and parents alike since 1984!

Junion Learning Social Skills Board Game (retail value $21.59)

Give children a head start on learning a range of important life skills and values while having fun with these Social Skills Board Games. Topics include: Manners, Emotions, Friendship, and Empathy. Ages 5 and up.

Features & details

  • Helps develop and learn new social skills and behaviors while playing and laughing with friends and family
  • Uses different game plays such as action games and sentence building games that will keep children entertained
  • Perfect for classroom activities or for family engagement
  • Includes an answer sheet so that children can check if they are correct.

Who’s Feeling What? Social Emotional Learning Games (a retail value $14.99)

Help kids talk about their feelings with this fun social-emotional learning game inspired by distance learning! Kids build empathy and SEL skills as they decode the video callers' facial expressions in Who’s Feeling What?, a communication game for kids from Learning Resources!

All items are choking hazards and only intended for use by ages 3+


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