Our son Trey Amani was initially misdiagnosed. Feeling alone, without any resources or support, led us into advocacy. We realized there was not enough information available in our community about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).We wanted to normalize the conversation pertaining to children on the spectrum.We wanted to see past the disability, the wheelchair, a crutch, or deformity and spotlight the human beings who are living with these challenges and the families who love them. We wanted to highlight the greatness that we saw in them. 

Our subscription boxes help tell their stories and promotes representation through content that will bring about change. It fosters confidence and self esteem through the power of the words on our t-shirts! It focuses on the importance of arousing our senses through sensory and adaptive tools! 

You can bring that joy to your child and contribute to a worthy cause! With your support we can all “Be Sensational!”

Meet Jamiyl & Tracy-Ann

We are Jamiyl and Tracy-Ann Samuels, parents of a young man with Autism. We wanted to do more to give a voice to the special needs community so in April of 2023 we debuted our T.A.S.K. Subscription Box which features a selected "Book of the Month" and includes sensory items geared towards the theme of the particular book. For April, "Molar Monsters" was the book of the month and we included specialized toothbrushes and other dental items in the box.

Our vision is to bring awareness to Black children's books featuring children with disabilities and the story of the families who love them. We are currently set to collaborate with over 20 Black authors, T-shirt designers, and creators of self care products who have sent us their creations to be featured in our boxes through the spring of 2024. Through our love for books, clothing and all things inspirational, we want to bring our vision for an all inclusive society. 


    Choose a box that suits you and your child's needs. Look for boxes that offer a variety of activities to keep your child engaged.

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    Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Box will usually arrive by the 20th of the month.


    By subscribing, you become a part of our journey to give a voice to kids who are often overlooked, bullied, ridiculed, or made to feel uncomfortable no matter what their abilities are.


Can we buy certain items in the box separately?

YES. Our books and t-shirts are available in our store as separate items.

Can we switch out certain items that don’t pertain to us?

YES. We offer multiple options of t-shirts for a particular month. Consumers can also customize their box with a different book.

Does my child have to have a disability to enjoy your box?

No. Our boxes are prepared for kids of all abilities. We can customize our box to fit the needs of neurotypical kids.